Patients who work with their healthcare providers are ultimately more successful in their attempts to quit using tobacco. We help local healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals implement evidence-based interventions for their organization with all tobacco users. We provide FREE consultation and training for healthcare professionals using the strategies below.


  • Provide education, resources, and feedback to promote provider intervention

  • Implement a tobacco-user identification mechanism in every clinic/access point

  • Dedicate staff to tobacco dependence treatment

  • Assess treatment in performance evaluations

  • Develop and promote policies to provide in-patient and out-patient tobacco dependence services

  • Include evidence-based tobacco dependence treatments (counseling and medication) as a paid or covered service

  • Provide tobacco training and intervention during nursing orientation for patients in hospitals

  • Provide tobacco cessation classes on site for community, patients and staff

Why Systems Change?

  • Hospitalization is one of the most likely times for a quit attempt

  • Teachable moments

  • Patient has easy access to professional support

  • Patient will have a better outcome and is less likely to be readmitted with the same diagnosis


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